Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taylor Vs. Hopkins Fight

I am not a boxing fan, but when you watch the hometown kid grow up and go to a packed house in Vegas to attempt to dethrone the champ, you have to take notice. In this case, you have to hand it to the promotors DiBella Entertainment (Taylor) and Golden Boy (Hopkins) for warming up this fight for the fans. Taylor was booked at the mild mannered Arkansas boy, an amateur making his debut fight. Hopkins was booked as the hard core champion from the big city who had one thing against him, his age. At the weigh in, all heck broke loose and the Arkansas boy showed his growl. This one had re-match written all over it, and when it ended after 12 rounds and a UD for Taylor, tears were mixed with blood and sweat, belts were hoisted high, and the re-match was confirmed. It looks like it's going to be August or September. Can Taylor hold on to the crown? Can the old man take it back from Taylor after whining on national television? Well, that's why the folks are buying tickets and signing up for pay-per-view. (Taylor needs to use more of his JAB, baby).


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