Thursday, March 20, 2003

Still having trouble getting on-line, but slowly but surely I am every now and then. I'm too late to get in the pool, but my final four is Kentucky, Illinois, Syracuse, and LSU with Kentucky beating Syracuse in the finals. Also I just saw my fantasy team; I'm a little like Chris on the whole thing. I love my pitching stafff. In fact, on paper I don't think any other team has a better staff. But my offense really lacks any power. I mean, I have Giambi, but after that it's Ellis Burks and Robin Ventura in the power area. I do have some good average hitters though in Jaque Jones, Tori Hunter, and Luis Castillo, and hopefully Jose Cruz proves to do something worthwhile for the Giants. But a starting staff of Mussina, Colon, and Barnett and the two best closers last year (Gagne and Percival); I'll take that any day.
As for my picks, Chris, you got it in first, but to be honest that was almost exactly what I was going to pick. So here goes.

NL East (Phillies, Braves, Expos, Mets, Marlins)
At first I didn't think a whole hell of a lot about Thome on the Phillies, but after I see how he will help the rest of that line-up it's hard not to pick them. The Braves won't be terrible, but I do think there days of ruling this division are over. The Expos have got a lot of good players whose contracts are up at the end of the year; that ususally spells big years especially for Guerrero (MIke you lucky bastard). The Mets and Marlins are about the same, but hopefully, A.J. Burnett will win twenty games.

NL Central (Astros, Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, Reds, Brewers)
The Astros will be simply awesome. The Cardinals will be close behind them. I really wish the Cubs could have worked out that Hillenbrand deal, but damn there pitching is tight. The Pirates at least look like they're trying to do something. The Reds are looking a little better but not much, I think Griffey is due. And the Brewers, well, they have Richie Sexson.

NL West (Giants, Dodgers(WC), Rockies, Diamondbacks, Padres)
The Giants actually improved I think, the Dodgers will be hanging in there, and I hope Kevin Brown stays healthy I love watching him pitch. The Rockies I just have a feeling about. And the Padres are simply the Padres.

NL Playoffs

AL East (Yankees, Red Sox(WC), Blue Jays, Orioles, Devil Rays)
The Yankees are still the Yankees; I think Jon Lieber will have a monster year being an ex-Cub and everything. The Red Sox should have enough to put them in the playoffs. The Bluejays could actually be the surprise team in this year if there is one. Who cares about the other two.

AL Central (WhiteSox, Twins, Indians, Royals, Tigers)
The WhiteSox simply look awesome, Colon will give them the fifteen wins to overcome the Twins. Twins are as solid as last year. Indians are not. Who cares about the other two teams.

AL West (Angels, Mariners, A's, Rangers)
Angels should have enough to win the division. Mariners will be right on their heels. A's will start looking more like the average team apparently Billy Beane wants to make them, and the Rangers still have no pitching, so expect A-Rod to have another wasted MVP caliber year.

AL Playoffs


Not trying to copy you Chris. That's just the way I saw everything playing out as well.


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