Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Wow, that list really got the two of you going, didn't it? I agree with you on THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, and DOGMA is a bit overrated, but I enjoyed it. I read a lot about THE HOURS, but never saw it. Who was it that said it was a life affirming film? Some movie critic. It's a movie about killing yourself. That's not very life affirming.

Also, I hated the CABLE GUY so much in the theater that I can't even think of watching it again. Of course, maybe I've changed since then to actually like it.

I went to Wild and Wooley Video, tried to remember the list, quickly forgot, and then just got LOVE AND DEATH instead. I'm almost done watching every Woody movie. This one is truly underrated. It's his last slapstick comedy (Small Town Crooks never happened), and his best. Just two years before Annie Hall, he's well on his way to making serious movies, which I thinks makes this movie better. The gags generally work (unlike, say, BANANAS), although it helps to be in a silly mood.
Also saw STARDUST MEMORIES, which isn't all that great, but he does get some laughs with all the people saying "I really love your movies, especially your early funny ones!" Seriously, though, he retreads some of his love material, forgets jokes/plots he's already told and retells them, and just looks a bit too self-obsessed playing a film-director who used to make funny films, but now makes serious ones. At least it wasn't SHADOWS AND FOG, though. Next time I'll remember to rent UNBREAKABLE.


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