Monday, May 03, 2004

Slouching Towards Piratesville

I happen to think that a lot of what happens on our the baseball diamond comes directly from the front office. If they are decisive and make that late season trade for a Sullivan, it energizes the whole team. If you act like the Reds do, you can put the entire team in a funk. Last week, when Kearnes went down with the broken arm, they didn't even bother to fill his roster spot. This was largely to save a couple of thousand dollars. So, they had to play with only 24 guys, and how do you think the team felt about that? You cheapen their chances to win for some pocket change. I think that matters.

If it were just an isolated incident, it'd be no big deal, but I've been very unimpressed with the new GM. He waited way too long (months!) to hire the manager over the off-season, then only gave the deserving winner (Miley) a one year deal. Then trade rumors about almost everyone on the team surfaced, almost like they were trying to kill the year before it began. I think that he must have thought we can't win this year, and played his hand that way. That's not what we need. I want to feel like they have at least a shot to win every year, and at least Jim Bowden did that. I blame much of this on the owner, who doesn't seem to know how to run a baseball team. Sorry if this is rambling a bit; I'm thinking out loud. I'm ill at ease with the front office and am trying to figure out exactly why that is.


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