Friday, July 22, 2005

Free Live Music!

I just found a great site to download live music from a number of different bands. maintains a number items on it's site, including old webpages such as this blast from the past. For a music lover like me, this page of free recorded music is a dream come true. Here is a list of bands that have chosen to participate, which brings me to the best point. The only bands listed to download on this database have given their permission to be there. So, listen to all kinds of live music guilt-free! I've been downloading so much music that I've blown something on my computer, and it needs repairs.

Most of the bands not even I have heard of, but looking closer you see a number of true gems. KW, you should be in heaven here, and especially here! I see a lot of bands I know on the list, such as Fugazi and Robyn Hitchcock. And Dead-heads will truly be in heaven with almost 3,000 shows archived.

You should be warned that the sound quality isn't always the best, but usually the quality of the show is told in the comments section. Sometimes the taping is done by random people in the audience, and sometimes it is recorded by the soundboard guy, which is usually much better. Also, the file-types are often unusual if you run into a FLAC or SHN file, which are higher quality than MP3 (only some concerts have been converted to MP3, typically seen as an inferior quality format). I don't think that either can be used by your iPod or in Windows Media Player. Go to the main page to find out how to play those files. There is a way to burn FLAC files if you have Nero burning software, which is what I use. If you need to, ask me questions in the comments section.


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