Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Interrupt This Broadcast...

I've seen two comments come across for old posts in recent days that are completely lacking any sort of bravery, insight, or point.

On KW's Why Movie Theaters Don't Care About You post, dated December 15, 2004, a commenter says: As an insider myself, you guys are a bunch of idiots! Your comments on how the theatre industry makes their money (most specifically the comments on their margins) are inaccurate and foolish. I can see why you are no longer part of the industry because you are ignorant.

On Doc's Why MySpace.com Will Destroy the World post, dated February 9, 2006, a commenter says: Are you one of those bloggers who thinks they are some sort of celebrity because they have 20 people read their blog and get an average of 3-4 comments?

Both comments are from anonymous people, and are completely without any provocation. Sure, we could just ignore the comments and that would pretty much be the response these people deserve. But where in the world did we ever say on this blog that we were trying to be anything more than a sounding board between friends? My only thought is that both of these anonymous commenters, if indeed it is 2 people (could be the same guy or gal), must be 14 or younger. We've been doing the blog thing for 3 years and I had yet to see such juvenile remarks until this past week.

Of course, looking at the second comment, this must come from someone really important. Like, someone who owns the high score on Space Invaders. Or possibly, someone who has constructed their world view from the inside of a school locker. Ultimately, these comments, by definition, make us much more important than we actually are because someone really great has bothered to read our blog and drop a line, even an unkind one.

Just a request, because we are reasonable people here at the L & N Line. If you're going to comment, stop being an anonymous pussy. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but no one is entitled to an uninformed opinion. The point of communication is to express ideas and feelings...that actually help. These comments above sound like flame posts on bulletin boards, Neanderthal responses to those old "IBM Sucks!" threads from the nineties. BTW, Apple totally rules, dude, you fucking beamer.

I'd flip you guys the bird, but why should you have a pet? You killed your ant farm just two weeks ago. It's time to count your profits from the lemonade stand and fund a bicycle trip somewhere past the comic book store. There are things beyond that point you've never seen before. Like girls. It'll be like your personal 2001. You know, where the monkeys are discovering the obelisk for the first time and are beginning to evolve.

Pictured Above: Anonymous Commenters With Uninformed Opinions Struggle with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

In the words of the immortal Chef, "Fudge ya."


At 3/08/2006 07:56:00 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I would say congratulations to the blog for hitting this milestone but I don't want those incidents to highlighted in a positive light. The baseless posts usually come from those with too much time on their hands and are unhappy in their lives. (Misery loves company) I have seen blogs and message boards shut down (even if it is temporarily) because posters take their comments to an extreme.


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