Monday, May 01, 2006

Super Mario Brothers in 5:00

I find this amazing:

"This movie was made using an emulator with savestates and slowdown. It's meant to show the game pushed to its limits. For more information on tool-assisted emulator videos, please visit the Nesvideos site at

"The tool-assisted record-time run of Super Mario Bros. It beats the game within 5 minutes of turning it on.

"Even in simple-looking games like this you can always find more time-saving tricks to exploit if you look hard enough. See what we've found at the Super Mario Bros tricks page at .

"This movie: - Aims for fastest time - Uses warps - Abuses programming errors in the game"

See a larger version here. And see Zelda in 25:29 here, plus a highly imaginative Super Mario Brothers 3 here.


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