Monday, October 01, 2007

A Classic

Boy, the Rockies and Padres played one for the ages tonight, a 9-8 comeback win for the Rockies in the bottom of the 13th off Trevor Hoffman, in the 163rd game of the year to decide the Wild Card. The Rockies will be another team I'll have rooting interest in during the playoffs. They absolutely blazed their way to this position, totally deserve it, winning 14 of the last 15 games, needing every one of them to advance.

It was 8-6 after a Scott Hairston HR in the top of the 13th, and the home crowd was out of it, but not for long. Two doubles, a triple, an intentional walk, and a sac fly ended it. Crazy, amazing stuff. Can't wait until the playoffs.

And how in the world could the Rockies have lost this, despite the fickle baseball gods? After Milwaukee beat the Padres' Hoffman on Saturday with help from a game-tying triple by Tony Gwynn, Jr., the Padres' favorite son's son was bad karma for the Padres and good for the Rockies. Just great baseball at the end of the year.

And wouldn't it be ironic if Todd Helton, the former quarterback who made way for Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee, won a championship in the same year?


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