Monday, March 31, 2003

The Great American Ballpark is a fine ballpark. The seats seem to be closer, you can get some nice views of the river, there is a large scoreboard for everyone outside of left field to see, and you get some nice views of the river. Also, you can look into both bullpens, and stand in direct center field in a common viewing area that's close to the action. That being said, it won't stand up to what I've seen at the other parks, like Pittsburgh and Baltimore, because it just doesn't look as nice. The generic green outfield wall still stands, and somethings look like they haven't been painted yet, like this big black party room in certer field. Why not give it some color? The GAB is certainly better than Riverfront, as it's more open, and, as I said, I think you're closer to the action. That is very, very important. We'll see. The thing I miss the most is the feeling that Rose and Bench et al. used to play here. No "echos" yet in the new ballpark. But it will find its own, and I can't wait to go back. Opening day!

I saw Jackass. This movie was freaking hilarious, but I wouldn't recommend eating while watching it (I do, though recommend the new Spinach pizza at Papa John's). And such a great plot! Saw Dogma as well, which I liked, but don't need to see again.


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