Thursday, March 27, 2003

Hey Mike,
I wasn't thinking that was opening day, I just meant it was the first weekend, unless you count the game Sunday night. But we were wanting to go to the game on Saturday, and that includes me, Scott, and Barrett. George is confusing the hell out of me about whether or not he'll want to go, so you'll have to call him. I'll go check the site to see what the prices are like and let you know what would probably be best.
Also, about the Oscars. I find it not only odd about the director vs. picture difference. But that besides Catherine Zeta Jones ( the hottest pregnant woman since Demi Moore) Chicago won no major awards, and The Piano won three (director, actor, and adapted screenplay), so from that standpoint shouldn't it win best picture. Also, pretty bland show except for Steve Martin. And I could care less if that's what Michael Moore thinks, part of it I agree with, but that was not the right forum. In fact, that was the most ridiculous thing since Sarandon and Tim Robbins talked for five minutes about saving dolphins before presenting an award five or six years ago. And not to be a pig, but I really do fear for Queen Latifah's back. She had me straight tripping, boo!


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