Thursday, March 20, 2003

I'm going to do the AL first, because it's easier, and I don't care as much:

AL East (Yanks, Sox(WC), Jays, O's, Rays)
Slowly becoming Newton's Law. No need to discuss.

AL Central (Twins, Sox, Indians, Royals, Tigers)
I looked at the Sox, and I'm tempted. And I agree that if they could crank it up, they can just pass the Twins. But, the Twins have been playing together longer, have very good pitching (even sans Milton), and great D. And Thomas has a negative force field around him, affecting all players. Plus, the Sox are the Sox, and they changed their parks name. So, Twins win. But look for the Sox as a WC maybe. Indians, I'm afraid, are going back to being, well, the Indians. Royals seem to be doing stuff, so they get to be ahead of the Tigers, who merely reel.

AL West (A's, M's, Angels, Rangers)
Good pitching beats good hitting, except for the Yankees. I think the A's are the class of this division, and Beane is the best GM in baseball. He'll find the guys to win with. I'm not quite sure why I put the M's at number 2, except that they might be able to take one last run at this before they have to retool a bit. I just don't think the Angels are all that great. Well above average, but not great. Rangers need pitching, take three.

A's, over Sox
Yanks, over Twins
A's, over Yanks


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