Thursday, April 24, 2003

8 MILE: Good movie. He's a decent actor, not surprisingly. The script was a bit of generic Hollywood moved to a crap part of Detroit, but I like the generic Hollywood script more or less, and they changed it up enough to make it an original movie. It is funny at the end, with the usualy sports ending, like Karate Kid, but it's a rap battle. Good idea. It works. The movie made me think about life in an awful place like that, and how lucky I am and stuff. Wonder if he can turn this into a movie career.
One criticism: I wish they could have tied up some of the loose ends a bit. Did he end up with the girl? Did he get into the studio? Did he keep doing well at his job? Did he get the first girl back? I felt like it was an incomplete story, despite being a good one.


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