Saturday, August 23, 2003

Fun stuff for THE NATURAL lovers (or haters, I guess). There is a bit of a debate as to his stats for the year. Here's a bit from the KC Star's JOE POSNANSKI. I think he's on base:

"Bill Simmons, the hilarious Sports Guy on, has done some careful study and deduced that Roy Hobbs hit .350 with 44 home runs and 106 RBIs in 119 games in the season of the movie "The Natural."

Well, we have done some intense movie research of our own because, well, otherwise we would have to spend that time trying to figure out the Royals.

Here's what we found out.

1. There's no way Hobbs played in 119 games. His first game, based on a careful study of several newspaper accounts, was July 18.

2. He started off incredibly hot and was probably hitting .580 or so on Aug. 9. Then had a terrible three-week slump where he hardly hit the ball at all. That was during the time he dated bad-luck Kim Basinger/Memo Paris.

3. The movie showed 12 Hobbs home runs and referred to at least five others.

4. He had nobody hitting behind him, so he must have been walked a lot.

So, our conclusions, he played 58 games and 187 at-bats (not including 65 walks), he hit .378 with 24 homers and 67 RBIs, a nice year, almost as good as Colorado's Todd Helton.",sports/3acd1627.a25,.html


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