Monday, March 22, 2004

Well, I was dead on in picking Louisville to lose (only won 4 of last 13 games!), and was pleasantly suprised by Vandy (somewhere Kevin Anglin is smiling). I simply can't believe that UAB beat UK, but that's basketball. I didn't see any of the games yesterday, because I was seeing instead:

MY ARCHITECT: What an incredible, wonderful, artsy, low-budget documentary. Some world-famous architect named Kahn was considered the greatest of his era, but had a wife and two mistresses. His illegitimate son shot this film, trying to get to know his brilliant father better, who was broke when he died of a heartattack in Penn Station. He did not know his son well. As the film progresses, and he meets his half-sisters, and the mistress who was not his mom, I was greatly moved, seeing everyone forgive him of his faults due to his genius. And what buildings he created! Places that brim with passion and light, and are truly beautiful. The capital of Bangladesh, which Kahn designed, is where the film ends, where his son feels as though he finds his father, and is one of the most incredible buildings I've ever seen. If you get a chance to see this film, do so. But it will be hard to find.

FOG OF WAR: I saw this last weekend. A documentary about Robert McNamara, the Secratery of Defense during the Cuban Missle Crisis and in the beginning of the Vietnam War. Host by Robert, so it was very autobiographical. He discusses what he learned in his years of public service, and what mistakes he made. Fascinating history, finding out how Castro was ready to strike us even if we flattened his entire country. It seems impossible how close we came. A very controversial figure was McNamara. And the filmmaking is incredible. Made by the same guy who did FAST, CHEAP, AND OUT OF CONTROL, his closeup angles are quirky yet work. See this if you can.


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