Tuesday, April 20, 2004

As someone on 99.7 later said, "You've got to realize guys, we're just not good enough yet." That's the effect of the NHL Playoffs because everyone believes they can win. More upsets than any sport, I believe. It's true about the Preds, though, they simply don't have the guys who can sustain a serious attack for very long. I was about to go into some detailed analysis here, but we all know that basically they had no chance once Game 5 began to take shape. Less than 20 shots on goal, and unlike the previous wins, not very good scoring chances.

It should be of note that the Milwaukee Admirals are the best team in minor league hockey, and I think with call-up of some new young stars, the maturation of bonafide NHL future stars like Adam Hall and Dan Hamhuis (the jury's still out on Legwand), and the good signs indicating Sullivan will be back, they should be very good next year. They'll have to cut out some of the deadwood. Denis Arkhipov, for instance.


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