Sunday, April 18, 2004

The first week of baseball has shown how competitive this year will likely be. At first, it looked like the Marlins were going to run away with the NL East, starting off 8-1 and about to enter a series with the 4-5 Braves. Now, they're 8-4 and the Braves are 7-5. The best team in baseball right now is the Dodgers. Baltimore is leading the AL East after the Red Sox and Yankees, predictably, beat up on each other. The only team that has taken the brunt of all this are the Expos, at 2-10. I can spout the "it's too early" tag to all this speculation, but I firmly believe that most of the playoff-bound teams this year will struggle to get to 90 wins, and a lot of teams will be in the two playoff chases (division and wild card).

It's also obvious that the Yankees are going to have to get their act together if they're going to make it this year. You can tell that no one in that lineup knows really what the hell to do. They won today, but there are too many sluggers in that lineup, if you ask me. Give me some spray hitters and some guys who can run, then put the power in there. It remains to be seen how Lofton's return will affect the lineup, since he's not the mid-90's Lofton.


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