Friday, May 14, 2004

Funniest Preview I've Seen in Awhile

There is no question that the Sci-Fi Channel is the worst thing on
cable television right now. I'd rather watch Bravo or Tech TV 24/7.
But flipping through, I caught this promo on the station for an
original picture of theres called "Boa vs. Python." In this preview,
and I am quoting, it stated: "How do you kill a big snake? Find a
bigger one." This is on May 22, and I believe it is not to be
missed. Who needs Freddy vs. Jason, Aliens vs. Predator, or Godzilla
vs. whoever, when you can have "Boa vs. Python." Does it get much
better than this? On this note, who would be your favorite team-up
on film? Riggs vs. McClaine, Chucky vs. Pinhead? Mine would have to
be Rocky vs. Rambo, Cinderella vs. Snow White: Bitch Fight of the
Century. That would be some fucking entertainment. Oh well, off to
see "Troy" tonight for "Summer Movie Season: Week 2." Hope it doesn't

"Try Mayostard."


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