Thursday, May 06, 2004

Mike Hampton has officially become a batting practice pitcher. He has now started 6 games. He has allowed 5 runs or more in 4 of them. His ERA is 7.67. This experiment to bring a former good pitcher who was ruined in Colorado back to a Darryl Kile status has failed. He had a decent year last year, but this year everything he throws is getting nailed. He put the Braves in a 3-0 hole in the 1st inning today, and never could get a 1-2-3 inning. Also, the Braves have a lineup that looks like, "Meet your team of the future," with Chipper Jones, JD Drew, Marcus Giles, and Rafael Furcal out, and other positions already being filled by newcomers, they had one position player in the field today who has "veteran" status--Andruw Jones, who struck out 3 times in 3 official plate appearances today, waving at the same unhittable pitch over and over again, looking like the 19-year-old who came in 1996 who experts were tabbing as the next Willie Mays--a little rough around the edges, but he'll be a superstar one day, promise.

The Braves lineup today:

1. DeWayne Wise, RF (has played LF for Chipper; now that Drew is out, takes his spot)
2. Mark DeRosa, SS (is the starting 3B, but with Furcal out takes his place)
3. Adam LaRoche, 1B (is mostly a starter who occasionally platoons with Julio Franco)
4. Johnny Estrada, C (the starting catcher who is one of the lone bright spots here)
5. Andruw Jones, CF (the only long-term starter in the lineup)
6. Mike Hessman, 3B (called up after Chipper went down, moved DeRosa to SS)
7. Damon Hollins, LF (takes Chipper's spot, moves Wise to RF)
8. Jesse Garcia, 2B (subs for Giles, is a natural SS)
9. Mike Hampton, P

Not only do you have tons of young guys, but there's a lot of people playing in different positions. I don't think I've yet to see the lineup with Furcal, Giles, Chipper, and Drew all together. I don't have much expectations for this season, but it would help to have those guys playing.


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