Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I see that Nashville got hit by this storm last night as well. We have 150,000+ without power, trees down everywhere, and at least 250 stop-lights down. I saw about a dozen large tree limbs down within a two block radius of work, and there aren't that many trees around here. Add this to the three days of tordados we had around Memorial Day, and the daily storms. The worst storm season I've ever seen, easily.

Was sitting in the lobby of the Brown Hotel last Friday, a beautiful lobby about three blocks from my apartment building. Guy walks in with a dog. It was a well groomed dog, and we petted it for a minute. The owner whistles, and the dog leaves. We think, how in the world would you be allowed to bring a dog into such a nice lobby? We later realize that the dog's owner was Orlando Bloom, filming Elizabethtown. Oh, that must be why he was allowed.
In related news, Kirsten Dunst has been spotted at the Walgreens on 4th street, reading a National Enquirer. And Susan Sarandon has been seen at Whole Foods store. But none of this answers the important question of... why in the world are they making a movie about E-town? The hell? What's next, "Paducah"?


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