Sunday, July 04, 2004

That's an extremely interesting article on FAHRENHEIT, and it certainly gives more information into the debate...which is why a movie like this needs to be discussed. I believe that there is importance in having a film like this out there, because it gives people like Hitchens a forum to spell out his views, and we can mull over that and then take in some other views, and ultimately see how it fits with our own thought process. It is important to know why we go to war, or why someone doesn't like it, because these things truly matter. I like Moore's film for that reason--we rarely get point-by-point analysis in today's news...we get lots of experts who all say different things, and clearly we have no context to rest upon. This film is totally biased, and another interesting film is somewhere to be made that's impartial. Moore's view, if he indeed has one other than making pop documentaries, states his disgust with the present administration. Hitchens offers a satisfying volley. I'd like to see more.

And yes, the Reds have been completely self-destructive...and are still only 5 games out! It will be interesting to see the healthy lineup again.


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