Monday, October 11, 2004

Shame on you, Fox

Watching the Cardinals-Dodgers game tonight, as the Cardinals had a 6-2 lead in the later innings, Tim McCarver and Thom Brenneman started talking about the Astros' record against the Cardinals, and saying how the NLCS begins in St. Louis if the Cards win (true), but then McCarver says, "Well, and it starts in L.A. if the Dodgers win." Wrong, Mr. McCarver--both of you already conceded the other NLDS to the Astros with two of those comments. Talking about the Astro record is against the Cardinals without mentioning the Braves record against them is simply jumping the gun, and should L.A. have found a way to win the NLDS and the Braves won theirs, the NLCS would start in Atlanta (better record). Yet, we're already talking about how the Dodgers would be hosting, which would have only been possible if the Dodgers and Astros win (which is no longer possible). The Astros may very well win this series against the Braves, but damn, have some journalistic integrity here, guys. The Astros have had a mighty fine season and they have looked most impressive in attempting to win their first ever playoff series, but they haven't won it yet.

Some facts and notes.

The Braves have lost the past two division series in the fifth game to the Giants in 2002 and the Cubs in 2003. This will be their third straight attempt at winning game 5 in the division series.

Two managers have gone against history in these playoffs, starting pitchers on three days rest. Gardenhire of the Twins used Santana--but could only pitch him for 5 innings. Same with Garner of the Astros with Clemens, same thing. Bullpens blew up later and gave the game to the opposing team. Oftentimes, the starting pitchers themselves blow up with three days rest, and the record for these pitchers is nothing short of a colossal failure. Now, Garner uses Oswalt with the same rest.

Should the Astros win, a team from the NL Central will finally make the World Series.

Despite the terrible management in the Twins series vs. the Yankees, I'm looking forward to this ALCS with the Red Sox. Last year's ALCS was spectacular. Predictions on Monday night for both series.


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