Sunday, January 09, 2005

Quick Hits

-Here's an editorial I found over on Yahoo's NHL page, written by Tim Panaccio. It's about another neglected group of people who are suffering during the lockout--and it's something I hadn't really thought of: Charities. The specific situation addressed in the article is an annual charity carnival put on in Philly by the players' wives. But because of the lockout, the arena where the event is hosted is prohibited from participating in any hockey-related activity with the players or their wives. So now an event that raised $1.19 million last year is going to raise nothing this year. And "Numerous charities and thousands of men, women and especially children are the beneficiaries of this event, which aids the Barry Ashbee Research Laboratories at the Isadore Brodsky Institute for Cancer and Blood Diseases and other medical establishments. " This is a really sad layer of the story that I hadn't really considered. I know the lower-tier players are hurting. I know the owners and arenas are hurting. I know the ushers, vendors, and local restaurants and bars are hurting. I hadn't made the connection or leap of logic to this charity thing, though, and it's almost dispicable. What do you think?

-Colts are up 35-3 at halftime. I am one very happy camper.


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