Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wild Weekend

-Do you realize we just watched an NFL playoff weekend where both the Jets and the Vikings won?

-Do you remember the Bears a few years ago, when they won 13 games? They lost in the first round of the playoffs, and have stunk ever since. I hope the same fate doesn't find the Chargers, but I'm afraid it might. Are they really going to get rid of Drew Brees and go with this rookie? It seems like a bad idea after the year he just had.

-I really don't like Randy Moss - really don't like him at all. I don't even like to have him on my fantasy team.

-The Colts looked great, obviously. Next week we see if Manning can beat the Pats beat up secondary. I think he can, and the Colts win. Then, in the AFC Championship, they lose to the Steelers. I have a theory that Manning gets a bit more used to the playoffs each year, and that this year they'll get one game further than before.

-If it's the Rams and the Vikings in the NFC Championship, I'm not watching.

UPDATE: I forgot to say that the Jets and Vikings usually have very bad luck, with fan-bases that are tortured. And, to KW's thought that maybe the NFC is as good or better than the AFC, the AFC won head to head battles this year at something around 2-1. It wasn't even close. And that's why NFC teams are inferior, and have such low records.


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