Thursday, June 02, 2005

Giving D Lee no respect

Granted, as a huge Cubs fan, I am not bitching that they keep pitching to Derek Lee, but what are these teams thinking? Does leading the league after two months of play in just about every major offensive category not get you a few intentional walks? Twice, in tonight's game against the Dodgers they chose to pitch to Lee with two outs and runners in scoring position. The first time he hit an RBI single; the second time he hit a three run home run right after the Dodgers had narrowed the Cubs lead to one run. Jeromy Burnitz was hitting behind him tonight, and while he can hit the ball, wouldn't you rather face him than let Lee go 5 for 5 and embarass the hell out of your team? I'm just saying.

The poor Cubs, though. Despite their soon to be 6 game winning streak, the Cardinals have tacked on a 6 game winning streak of their own and will still lead the division by 7 games at the end of the night. And look at this fucking schedule for the Cubs until the all-star break: Padres, Marlins, Braves, Bluejays, Redsox, Yankees, Whitesox. Give me a damn break. Keeping it close until the all-star break with all of their injuries is going to be a miracle within itself. I hope we're only down by seven games at the break.


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