Monday, August 01, 2005

Oh Rafael, How You Have Shamed Us

Wow! Big news of the day; Rafael Palmero might be on some kind of juice. You're kidding right? Mr. Palmero? Baseball's all around nice guy and team leader? The spokesman for Viagra? Say it aint so.

All joking aside. Palmero, like Charles Barkley, has never tried to be anyones role model. If the rumors are true about his Cubs departure back in the eighties (He was fucking Sandberg's wife) then who are we fooling here? And lay off, I'm not jumping on the man because he dabbled in some infedility. I just had to throw that jab in there because I'm a hell of a Cub's fan. Of course the Cub's had to come up with something to say after they dropped him due to his lack of power then not two years later he starts averaging 38 dingers a year.

Does any of this make it Ok that he was on the juice? Not necessarily. I'm one of those select few that actually thinks if anything, steroids might have saved the game. Jump on me all you want, but if that's the reason everyone started knocking them out of the park, then by god it worked. If that miraculous season of 1998 never happened, then I don't think baseball would be back where it is today. So, if steroids is the reason, then steroids is the reason. Let's face the facts, people.

Is it cheating? Of course it is. But that's not the argument that Jose Canseco was throwing at our faces in that ludicrous book that he released earlier this year. All bad writing aside, the man has a point.

But good for Major League Baseball for showing that they are not playing around with this. I do think he deserved the ten game suspension. But to say this puts a tarnish on a great baseball player's record is ludicrous. If anything this man should not be allowed in the hall of fame for stupidity. He wouldn't join the Cubs two years ago because he wanted to help the Rangers get to .500. They didn't, and the Cubs came within one out of the world series, so whatever.

No matter how much the media wants to make you believe it, no one is shocked Palmero was on the juice. And no one really cares. This is just one man's opinion, but I think more people will agree with me than one would expect. And then to bitch at the guy for appealing. Give me a break. Who the hell wouldn't? It's ridiculous that the media let's this become such a huge story, because it's not. We've got a hell of a baseball season going on right now; I could name a hundred or more other things that would make better stories. But Palmero's on the juice, so everyone drink it up. You're going to be hearing about it for the next month or so. Yippee!!!


At 8/02/2005 08:59:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, I can't be on that boat about steroids. I'm one of those who, personally, feels the need to be accepted on his own terms and not because of some factor that's out of my control.

Somewhat related: like the time the Steelers and the Titans played in that playoff game a few years ago and Nedney kicked the game winning field goal after getting a roughing the kicker penalty. I think I might have been the most lowly Titans fan that day, because I sort of felt like that was a cheap way to win. I didn't feel like it was earned. So when baseball comes back in 1998 with the help of steroids, I feel even lower than that--it's just not honest.

At 8/02/2005 10:40:00 AM, Blogger Jonathan said...

I'm by no means defending steroids on the basis of whether it is cheating or not. It gives an unfair advantage and most definately takes away from the flair of the game. However, I also was not one of those people who left baseball after the strike, I kept watching through thick and thin.

Most people didn't, and the homeruns are what brought everybody back. If that is due to steroid use then you could in essence say that steroids saved baseball. And I am in total agreement on that Steelers/Titans game. I did not want to see it end like that especially in the playoffs.


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