Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tennessee Goes Home

You know, the #2 seed for the Tennessee Vols in the NCAA Tournament was not only unfair to other more deserving teams, it wasn't fair to the Vols, either. One of the most bogus #2 seeds I have ever seen handed down--it's not a surprise they lost. It wouldn't have been a surprise for them to have lost to Winthrop in the first round, either.

So now we're hearing that Wichita State "upset" the Vols, even though the teams were evenly matched--I thought the Vols would have been no better than a 6 or 7 after their tailspin at the end of the year. I still picked them to make the Sweet 16, but I nearly had them packing in the first round. They just didn't look like the team that beat Texas.


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