Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Beautiful Game

May I bore everyone with a thought on the World Cup? I know that many of you do not get the game, and it truly is an acquired taste to view. For those that do not get it, I certainly hope you watched today's game, and especially the last three minutes.

Now technically, nothing happened. Several fouls, a few throw-ins, a few kicks, a few missed shots. But when you truly care about a result, whether is be your own team or your nation's team, and you want a result to stand, the last few minutes of an important game are the most intense in sports. And when on the other foot, you are desperate for a goal, as the Italians were today. Their pressure was intense, leading to such beautiful drama.

I know this last second tension exists in almost every sport, but somehow in soccer the passions are higher. I believe it's because goals are so rare, or maybe it's simply because I played the game for so long. I hope at least some of that comes through for the non-footy fan.


At 6/17/2006 08:38:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Perhaps it is my current circumstances, but I have watched more soccer (due to it being on ABC) in the past week than I probably ever have.

I missed today's Italy/US game, but I did watch the Ghana/Czech game, and I thought it was fun, because there was a great amount of attacking. That's all a casual or less-than-casual fan could ask for.

But most games are a very passive experience, and there's never the sense that a team that is behind will ever be able to tie the game, especially when the lead is more than 1. And even if the behind team does happen to tie the game, there's no sense anyone is going to win. I'm a filthy American in that regard because I think ties stand for communism and it means the terrorists have won.

But make no mistake, I've been watching more than I ever have, and there are a lot of places here in NY that have the games on, so my interest has been piqued.


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