Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Baseball Opinions

Yes, I know I'm a bit late on this, but here are a few baseball thoughts (and yes, this qualifies as my annual anti-playoffs post).

-The good news is, my Reds were in it until the last weekend. The bad news is that they never in a million years deserved to be. The NL is so pitiful. If they were an AL team, they would have won 70, at best. Shouldn't we kick out the three teams that aren't the Mets and invite the White Sox instead?

-The NL is so bad, it's silly that the Mets have to play anyone to get to the World Series. Really, haven't they proven they're the best NL team by a mile? And now with Pedro out, they probably won't even win the pennant.

-Hey, if you don't like baseball, the MLS playoffs are coming up! Come on... Goodness, not even I care, and I know who Accrington Stanley is.

-In the WS, a best of seven is something of a crap-shoot, and the AL team that makes it will possibly think they've already won. The NL team will have "something to prove" and will take it. Will they deserve it? Of course not. But I'm predicting an NL win this year. Specifically, the Dodgers over the Tigers. Why not? They did it in '89 under similar circumstances...

-Well, if you're going to complain, why not offer a solution? Take the top five teams in the AL, throw in the Mets, and have everybody play everybody else four times each. Twenty games then, and the top two play in a final series of nine more games, with the previous games counting. I now I'd watch it, and it'd be more fair. And I think ratings would be just as good.


At 10/04/2006 10:01:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

I've never been entirely anti-playoffs but it is clearly a flawed system, especially the Division Series.

But one thing I have always been entirely for is not allowing mediocre teams in the playoffs. The NBA should be ashamed of itself for allowing sub-500 teams even have a whiff of a chance of playing for the championship. It very likely will happen in baseball soon, with the Padres last year and the Cardinals this year very close to ending the year below .500.

So yeah, allow the White Sox and the Angels to take over for teams in the NL who didn't deserve it like the Cards and either the Padres or Dodgers. Since we have interleague play and wild free agency, letting them play NL teams in the playoffs before the World Series would not be all that weird, and we'd have better games and better competition.

Plus, the DS with its 5 game format--I don't know anyone who follows baseball who likes that. But I am convinced that the 5-game format stays around in lieu of 7 games because it would push the World Series into November, and there's some sort of stigma about November when the tradition is October. Of course, you could just start the season a week earlier and that problem would be fixed.

I will also say this concerning the Mets--yes, they lost Pedro and because of it their chances of winning the pennant are reduced, and it seems unfair considering they were the best team in the NL all year. But I always thought of the 162-game season as an endurance test, and if your guys can't handle the test, then that's just their bad luck. In such a way you might consider the baseball season a NASCAR race, and the Mets had a really fast car and lapped the competition, but broke down on the 485th lap.


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