Monday, November 20, 2006

Month Six

Hello everyone. As I write this, it's actually month six and a half, but I never have been so pre-occupied with one project in all my life. It was the slew of James Bond films I watched in order to review them at nymoviereviews. On top of work, sleep, and other obligations, it seemed like I was always trying to fit in a new Bond adventure, and they ran together a lot of times.

And then, I reviewed them all. Try condensing a usual Bond plot into something concise. It's nearly impossible. Sometimes I had seen about five movies before going to the keyboard, and I had to reach back and think...did this happen in Diamonds Are Forever or The Spy Who Loved Me? To have this many films going over time (44 years), there is absolutely no dispute what the most profitable character of all time in film history is. Batman, Superman...these guys couldn't get past 4 movies before it was time to go back to the drawing board. Bond's in 21 (or 22 if you want to count Never Say Never Again), and retooling has taken decades. Even Jason in Friday the 13th isn't going to make that.

Anyway, folks, can you believe it's been half a year? As Doc said when he came out here, "Time sure does fly when Chris is in New York." Yes, it does.

Now, concerning my work situation. Here's something kind of neat that has happened to me in the past few months. IF, and it indeed is a big if, I want to do something more with this career of mine, my name is pretty good with all involved. Whenever there has been something special to do, I've been called to do it. I went to another Queens theatre and built their print of Strangers on a Train when they had a special show. And a month later, built a Manhattan theatre's copy of Infamous. When it came time to "interlock" (show 1 print in 2 auditoriums) of the huge hit Borat at my theatre, I set up a MacGyver-esque series of rollers that allowed it to happen between two auditoriums that were not set up for it. Let's just say that most industry types would have scoffed at such an invention, would have been very skeptical and worried, but I made it happen. More business...I made that happen.

The mall I work at is finally starting to shape up, beginning to look less like a construction site now. It's been open for these six months and it's been a mess the whole time. I still don't agree with the way this place was introduced, but it might make a recovery after the holidays as a nice place to go and hang out, even shop for once. The architecture is beautiful; so out of place in the area, it stands out.

So, I've been here six months, and I really enjoy it for the most part. If there are times I don't enjoy it, it's because there are SO MANY PEOPLE HERE. Sometimes, if you want to just walk from point A to point B, there's always someone who does something to alter your course slightly. For instance, it doesn't matter how long the woman in front of you has been walking in a straight line ever since you first noticed her and knew you were going to have to pass her eventually. When it comes time for you to make your pass, that woman will inexplicably start slanting her path into yours. Also, if someone is just standing on a sidewalk, looking out into the street, and has been doing it ever since you first saw him, he'll find a way to back up a couple of steps in your path. And usually he's listening to his Ipod and has his headphones cranked to the Earthquake option.

But, I can live with it.


At 11/22/2006 12:42:00 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Sometimes it feels like you just moved there, sometimes it feels like you've been there for three years.


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