Thursday, February 15, 2007

Holy Crap! Forsberg a Predator!

Peter Forsberg is a member of the Nashville Predators. Wow. Don't get too used to it though, as I'm confident he will not be here next season. This has the feel of a 'hired gun' kind of thing.

And we gave up a lot for him. A 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick in the next draft. Scottie Upshall. And defensive prospect Ryan Parent.

Upshall was pretty good for us last year when we had all those injuries. And he seems to play well for the Admirals. But I'm not sure he's playing up to his potential.

Parent has been one of the stand out players on the USA Junior team and is a very good player.

Forsberg is easily one of the best players in the world, and there's no doubt he can help this team. He's a center, which we needed. He's very strong and has as good a touch with the puck as anyone. He's scored 12 points in the last 9 games, so he's hot. He's got gobs of experience, including a Stanley Cup victory.

He also no longer has his spleen. He's the Billy Volek of hockey, only he's a superstar and not "the only guy in the Chargers organization NOT getting talked about."

What do you do with Legwand now? I mean...who do you put on line 1? "Let's see...we got Peter Forsberg, Jason Arnott, oh--and David Legwand.

Which sucks, because he's having a spectacular's just of the variety where he doesn't score tons of goals. He's been the third or fourth best player in the league in +/- for most of the year. He's been quick and great with his hands...creating turnovers and making plays.

But how do you not put Peter Forsberg on your first line?

(for the answer...ask the Colorado Avalanche, because he was their line 2 center. Joe Sakic centered line one).

It'll be interesting to see how the lines shape up. I think it's funny that with Legwand and Arnott playing so well, what we really needed was a third line center. So we go out and get perhaps the greatest center in the game.

Injury is the big concern...he's always been a bit prone to injury. But if he stays healthy...boy howdy! I can foresee some exciting action from the Predators in the race toward the Cup.


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