Thursday, May 24, 2007

Predators Sold to Canadian Billionaire

Wednesday evening, Predators owner Craig Leipold told his employees that he was selling the team to Canadian Billionaire, John Balsillie.

Balsillie is the CEO of the company that makes the Blackberry, and also tried to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins several months ago.

The deal is not yet official, as the sale must be approved by the league, but the rumors are that the sale will go through.

Will our team leave? I think it's very likely. This article from Toronto's Globe & Mail seems to suggest that Balsillie will try his best to get the team moved...probably to Canada. If that happens...the team Canadians loved to hate would become the team they love to love.

I'm very, very, very sad about this news. It is the first step toward my favorite hockey team leaving...the team that was the only reason I ever got interested in hockey to begin with.


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