Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series

Well, it was kinda hard drumming up any kind of excitement for two teams who don't have much baseball history, but the Colorado Rockies are a special team. They beat the Diamondbacks tonight, swept the series, went 7-0 in the NL Playoffs, are 21-1 in their last 22 games, and look absolutely unbeatable. They are a Wild Card team that was within one strike in the Brewers/Padres regular season series of not even being here.

Baseball purism is hard to defend in the face of a team like this. On one hand, you say, "Well, in past years, they wouldn't even be in the playoffs," but then, we'd be missing a team that got it all right at the end of the year and just can't be beat by any of the teams that are supposedly better than them, if you go merely by regular season record. Of course, every team in these NL playoffs were very close in those terms, anyway.

If the Indians happen to advance, as they are up 2-1 right now, I'm going to have a hard time rooting for the Rockies because I want the longest-drought team to win. The Indians haven't won since 1948. But really, a 7-game series is what you look for. The ALCS is far from over, though. And, we'll be sure to hear all about rust should that series go longer and the Rockies have to sit for 8 days while two other teams duke it out and play meaningful baseball. The baseball gods are fickle, of course. They don't care if you've gone 21-1, you could go 0-4 the next 4 games. Not likely with this team, but still.

If it does happen to be Indians/Rockies, expect a small story about the Broncos/Browns playoff games: "The Drive" and the Ernest Byner fumble, if these two cities once again play a meaningful postseason together.

Oh yeah. Life imitates art. I wonder how many people around the world were quoting The Simpsons when Rockies fans were booing Diamondback Eric Byrnes.

"Smithers, are they booing me?"

"No, they're saying Boo-urns, Boo-urns."

Burns asks the crowd, "Are you saying 'boo' or 'Boo-urns?" And the crowd boos.

And then Hans Moleman says, "I was saying Boo-urns!"


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