Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tomorrow is a Germany-Portugal which has all the makings of being a classic. Which means it will suck, of course. The Germans know how to make things suck. And then they win on penalties.

Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that Billy Ray Cyrus is still relevant? But only because of his daughter? How did this happen?

After saying I was curious about a Celtics-Lakers final, I watched all of five minutes. That's what you get for starting Game 1 at 8:30. I wasn't into it right from the start.

I drank a full pint of Guinness in 60 seconds today after work. Yeah, it was a rough day.

Tiger was amazing. Incredible. Maybe the best major of his life, although the 2000 US Open might compete. I do worry that he was taking pain killers, but some time off should keep him from making that a habit. Two majors and one second place on a freaking torn ACL. He's amazing.

I predict Portugal, Turkey, the Dutch, and the Italians in the semis. Then Portugal over the Dutch in the final. I'll be watching every minute. I think my brain is fried at this point.

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