Tuesday, September 30, 2008

White Sox Knock Off Twins; Justice Doesn't Prevail

I don't know why baseball is so averse to record vs. opponents when solving a tiebreaker situation. The Twins were 10-8 against the White Sox this year, which should have been enough, but to add insult to injury, MLB decides that a coin toss decides where the tied teams will play off, in this case, in Chicago. I think this is only marginally less stupid than the All-Star Game deciding home field advantage.

So, the White Sox advance after their 1-0 win, which probably wouldn't have happened if the game was in Minnesota, who had two distinct advantages over the White Sox after game 162 was played, and yet they will be going home.

This year's playoffs would have been a lot more exciting had the Red Sox and White Sox still not won a World Series, because it also includes the Cubs, and there'd be that rooting interest in a 38% chance of a historic drought being ended. There's no doubt I'm a Cubs fan all the way for the rest of the year. 3 of the 8 teams have won World Series this decade (Red Sox twice, White Sox, Angels), and I hope all of them go home. And I'm not sure I could ever root for the Dodgers or Phillies, so Rays, Brewers, Cubs...I'm counting on you.

Although...Dodgers/Red Sox might be nice for the whole Manny thing.

Rays/Cubs: Piniella thing.

Phillies/Red Sox: Francona thing.

White Sox/Cubs: Chicago thing. Prepare for Obama sightings, no doubt with a Cubs hat on.

Angels/Dodgers: LA thing.

Too bad we can't have Diamondbacks/White Sox. That'd be Arizona/Illinois and McCain/Obama. You know, Irony thing.

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