Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unintenionally Funny Taglines

So Tony Dungy retired. You might have heard about it, particularly if you have had a radio, a TV, or the Internet on recently.

Last night, in the car, around 12:15am or so, I was driving back from Nashville. You know how Fox Sports Radio has that catch phrase "fueled by Fox!"? Well last night I was listening to JT The Brick--a radio show I love--and when they went to commercial, they played some inspiring music and there was a special news report/blurb about Tony Dungy which played all these closely-edited audio clips of Dungy talking and other people praising him.

Then the voice over guy says, "When legends walk away... it's..." and the other voice over guy comes on talking like he's had 16 Red Bulls and finished the sentence by saying, "Fueled By Fox!!"

And I thought, "That's horrible! Fox Sports Radio caused Tony Dungy to retire... or at least fueled it. Maybe he would still be coaching if it weren't for them. What a shame. I knew the media would eventually have a negative impact on the game. Was Fox also responsible for the tearful retirement of Brett Favre last year and/or his subsequent return? How about Michael Strahan? Just how many legends walking away can be blamed on Fox?"

Anyway, Dungy was a great coach and is by all appearances a great man. Seems like everyone in the Colts organization loved him and will miss him. As much as I loved the calm his personality brought to my favorite team (they never panic when losing)... I, as a fan, am willing to test the waters and see if Jim Caldwell's personality can provide some fire and inspiration come playoff time--not that articles like this one make me feel all that comfortable.

Tip of the cap to Dungy, who I believe will be in the Hall of Fame someday. And Fox... please stop driving legends to walk away from the game please.


At 1/14/2009 08:45:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Luckily being a bad college coach doesn't mean being a bad pro coach. We've seen time and again in both football and basketball that people can basically either do college or they can do pro. Rare is the one who can do both.

And Caldwell inherits an already-good Colts team so he won't have to worry about rebuilding.


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