Thursday, March 20, 2003

NL East (Braves, Phillies, Expos, Mets, Marlins)
Lot's of question marks with the Phils. Can Padilla and Wolf pull it off? Can Millwood be good Millwood, or average Millwood? Is Mesa getting too old? If I pick them, I feel like I'm falling into the trap the Mets set up last year. I still like the Braves. Maddux and Ortiz should be just fine, winning at least 15 a piece, and I suspect Hampton will fall into place eventually. I don't like that they lost much of their pen, but it's great to have Smoltz back. And the O still looks pretty good. The Expos will add greatly to this division, making it much more interesting, but I feel will fall short. Some great players, but some real AAAA crap. Mets would have been a great team, five years ago. It's like when I looked at my fantasy team and saw Stockton AND Malone. Ouch. Florida's actually looking better, but shouldn't do anything in this division. But stranger things have happened. They think they can win the division.

NL Central (Cards, Astros (WC), Cubs, Reds, Pirates, Brewers)
If the Cards can stay healthy (big if after last year), I think they can take this division. But boy, the Astros could too. It's going to be hard for anyone else to pass either of them. I think whoever can avoid the injury bug will win this division, and the Cards hope they were bit the most last year. I can't argue with the Astros winning it all, as you both put. I put the Cubs ahead of the Reds because of pitching, and the great number of question marks the Reds have. The Cubs should have enough goodness from Sosa and Wood to take third. Either team could compete if everything starts to click, but it will be tough. I'm not sure what you two see in the Pirates, but I guess they're better than the Brew Crew.

NL West (Zona, Giants, Dodgers, Padres, Rockies)
Boy, I've really ignored this division this offseason. Many possibilities here. I'm giving it to Zona, just because those two pitchers make such a difference. The team is getting old, but that's okay. Giants lost a lot, Dodgers have some serious weaknesses. Last two teams I'm not so sure about.

Cards, over Braves
Astros, over D'backs
Cards, over Astros

A's over Cards


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