Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Name that baseball star (it's not Griffey):

The centerfielder returned to his hometown as the age of 31 after five seasons of 40 or more home runs. He had made numerous All-Star appearances due in part to his bat and his well-respected glove in center. His highest OPS was 72% better than the park-adjusted league average. He had just hit the last home run ever hit in his previous stadium and was looking for continued success. Alas his career would be filled with injuries from that point on. Even though he would play well when he was injury-free, he would never enjoy his previous success again. He would never top 23 home runs and his batting seasonal average would drop below .300 causing his career average to fall to .295. He would only enjoy one more All-Star game appearance. Nor would he appear in the top-10 MVP vote getters again. However, his career was sufficiently remarkable to earn him a Hall of Fame plaque.


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