Friday, May 16, 2003

It's been an even longer time since I last posted, but getting to the internet is hard sometimes these days. Hope to remedy that soon. Cubs are doing pretty damn well. I watched the 17 inning thrill ride yesterday, that was quite a hoot.
Movie wise, here goes.

Some people don't actually like the twist ending? I thought that was what saved this film. It's pretty boring up until that point, but the ending actually turns it into a decent film. Cusack seems to be really trying to get noticed as more of a grown up actor, cliched ridden adult roles is not the way to go, John.

Like Chris said, this was better than the first one, but yet not a great film by any stretch. However I do think I liked it better than he did. Nightcrawler is awesome, and Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Romain Stamos, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellan are all very good in their roles. The action is top rate, and despite a rather heavy handed ending the story flows along well. I found Stryker to be an intriguing villain. In fact overall, with as many characters as they had to deal with here, they did a very good job at distinguishing the story lines and I thought it actually created intriguing layers to the film as a whole.

Thank God in Murfreesboro I can see free movies again, because if I had actually wasted any money on this film, uggh!!! Eddie Murphy is walking through all of his roles again. Yippeee.

I was by no means blown away by story here, but the real treat to this film is the advancement in special effects on display. And visually this movie rates a 10. But get over yourself. The Wachowski's are trying to make this film a lot deeper than it needs to be, and I really don't see how there's going to be enough story to make it through an entire third film. There's going to be some stretching.

So, not being able to get out to Green Hills as much, I am not really getting to see the lower budgeted films that are getting all the rave reviews. I hope to check out Confidence and A Mighty Wind this weekend, and I would love to see Better Luck Tomorrow and The Good Thief.


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