Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Somehow the Braves just pull it off, huh? It's time we start looking at Cox as a great part of the reason this is a good team. Which is why I WANT SWEET LOU! Back in a Reds uni! He'd have this team in first place instead of .500.
And, yeah, still trade Griffey, and promote the heck out of Kearns and Dunn. Great baseball players, and class acts, too. And then, give everyone that special blend of Boone steroid, that causes unexpected home run bursts, and horrible managing decisions. Aaron Boone rules!

I think I get your point about the second movie in the trilogy, and it has it's value. A part of my not liking this second one so much is that I haven't seen the first one since it was in the theaters, so I missed a lot of the plot. So, somewhat plotless, I was left with action, action, action, which came to bore me. Soon it was just one over the top scene after another. Maybe the third one will make up for it, but a trilogy seems a bit too much to fill.


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