Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Okay, due to massive homework take home test, I did not get to see last night's game. What it really exciting? Did I miss something? It seems not everybody played, and people actually tried to win. Boy, I'm so busy I missed the All-Star Game. That certainly didn't happen last year.

I looked at some more Braves stats. With their good, but not great, stats that you pointed out, I thought their one-run game record would be great, but it is only 12-11. But, this is interesting. A team that has scored as many runs as they have, and allowed as many as they have, would be expected to have a record of 54-39, winning percentage .583. They are 61-32. Looking only at expected wins based on runs, the Phils would have a higher record! 56-36. I read some article recently about how disappointing the Phils are, but there they are in the wild card slot. Silly what some people write.

The Reds are the worst fielding team in the majors. Only Texas has a lower ERA. They are 17th in batting, their strength. They just got done losing eight in a row. They're lucky not to be dead last. Forget it.

LA is really lapping the field in ERA. And now they have Rickey! Instant walkfence.

Still wondering if you've seen T3 or not.


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