Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Irreversible, H'wood Homicide, Hulk, Nemo, 2 Fast, Dumberer

OK, lighter side of worldly events. Movie reviews.

IRREVERSIBLE: If you see a movie more brutal than this, then you are watching a snuff film. A MEMENTO-style movie, told backwards, has two men looking for someone in a gay club, trying to exact revenge, leading to a pummeling with a fire extiguisher that is so real and graphic that it virtually scars you. Then the movie winds backwards some more to the impetus behind the beating: a 9-minute anal rape scene involving a woman that both guys have dated (one is currently dating). The woman is Monica Belucci who you just saw in MATRIX RELOADED as the girl who kisses Neo. The boyfriend is Vincent Cassell, Belucci's husband. The rape scene is also tough to watch, and she gets kicked and punched afterwards. The movie then rewinds from there to other moments all the way back to happier times when the future seems bright. Tough, incredibly gutsy filmmaking. I believe the first fifty minutes of the movie have the camera spinning out of control, never focusing on anything, very tough to see lots of things, but always capturing the right moments. It may not end up being the best movie of the year, but it will be the most memorable.

HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE: Better than the trailer, Ford has his best role in my opinion since SABRINA (and others may say THE FUGITIVE). OK movie, probably will fade from memory in the next few months.

HULK: Good superhero movie opening June 20, better than or equal to X2. I thought this movie contained more cinematic style. Good action scenes.

FINDING NEMO: My favorite of the summer thus far. Pixar has yet to lose. Ellen Degeneres is hilarious, Albert Brooks is perfect, and there are so many tiny characters who are incredibly good and fill the movie with life.

2 FAST 2 FURIOUS: This movie is getting the "good B-movie" treatment, where reviewers have decided to forgive the film for its flaws, which would be OK for me if there were actually more racing in this movie and less of the repellant plot, an ugly scene involving a rat inside on a pail that starts getting heated on a man's stomach, and more hot babes than just one. This movie sucks. John Singleton went from BOYZ N THE HOOD to this.

DUMB AND DUMBERER: Easily the worst of the year so far. Not funny at all.

The following was previously at the top of the post, but I've edited it to highlight the movies if anyone ever clicks on a link to this (Chris).

Adoption methods are horribly out of whack. I believe there was an investigative report once that showed that lots of couples aren't able to adopt for various ridiculous reasons, one such couple couldn't adopt because they had a fountain in their front yard that the child could possibly drown in! Ridiculous, and every thesaurus word that relates to it. In Phil's case, quite obviously, yet another bothersome technicality...Here comes an "oughtta be" sentence: There ought to be some sort of deadline and/or method by which the adoptive parents don't even see the baby until that deadline is reached. At some point the mother should no longer be the mother, and due to the biological mother's indecisiveness I fear for that child's upbringing. Which only means that one day Phil and Laura will find that baby one day, and it will of course be the right one for them--maybe this one just wasn't.