Monday, July 07, 2003

Sorry, Mike, I didn't see this until tonight. But I didn't do much anyway.

Movie reviews:

T3: Rise of the Machines: Definitely worthy to the series, and has some nifty action scenes. James Cameron is obviously missing from the project, but it's still fun.

LEGALLY BLONDE 2: Didn't see the 1st one, but this one is very ridiculous. Reese Witherspoon is adorable but I didn't care too much.

WRONG TURN: This has been out since May and I finally saw it. Decent horror movie, excellent time waster.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2: Full Throttle: I actually loved how ridiculous and unbelievable this movie was. Ludicrously fun movie. If you don't like stupid just for stupid's sake, then you'll hate it. But it's so freaking nonsensical that I dig it.

28 DAYS LATER: My personal favorite horror movie since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, although the movie starts to get tedious toward the end with a rogue military presence.

My roommate and her daughter rented 4 movies over the weekend. One, I'd never seen, and three I'd seen and hated in theatres that I gave a second chance. They are:

SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON (the only one I had not seen): Decent animated movie that I found ridiculous in a way because they tried to make it "realistic" by not giving the horses voices and communicate through a series of gestures. But they sure do have human characterisitics and expressions! Eyes bulge, they smile, they look scared, etc. OK adventure but I never was engrossed.

Now the others:

SCOOBY DOO: One of the worst movie theatre experiences I've ever had. Jonathan saw this with me along with Jen and I found this movie to be incredibly stupid and lacking any sort of thought or creativity. Giving this a second chance, I feel the same way. The Scooby Doo cartoons were mysteries with occasional antics. This movie is ALL antics with no mystery and a very modernistic "twist" villain. At times it seems like it wants to be a wink-wink nod to the series, like BRADY BUNCH, but it never gets that way, possibly because it was aimed towards kids--but that's so wrong considering that fans of the series are our age and older.

INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: Hated this movie in theatres, and still do. The one thing that I pick up this time around is that the movie is exceptional when Kirsten Dunst gets into the action and a darkly comic tone sets in that is delightful. However, when the movie shifts to Paris and the meeting of other vampires comes into play, the movie loses all steam and entertainment. Neil Jordan also directed another film I have yet to give the "second chance" and that is THE CRYING GAME.

THE HOURS: Unbearably pretentious tripe. The first time I watched this, I sort of sensed that is what I was watching, but I got interrupted during the viewing because I had to start another special pre-release show of THE TWO TOWERS. Now I watch it again, and what I come out of it with is very good performances, but who do I latch on to? Who is my heroine? I can't latch onto anyone because the movie skips to another woman's story every 5-10 minutes. And we get it already. These women have parellels in their lives! Does that have to mean EVERYTHING THEY DO? Everything is so slow and plodding and all the lines are read as if they are the most important things said by human beings ever.

There's my update for the week.


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