Sunday, August 24, 2003

Here's some quick reviews of some movies I've seen lately.


Thought the last thirty minutes were cool as hell. I thought this was one of the best on screen fights I've ever seen on film, but as most would guess the events leading up to it are just boring and dumb. Also, one of the least scary horror movies I've ever seen.

I loved the race scenes and the performances of Chris Cooper and Jeff Bridges. Found Tobey Maguire to be underused and a little uninteresting; not sure why he's getting all of the hype. And there were a lot of slow parts in this film. Maybe I'd like it better the second time around; I could see this being a film that could grow on me. But for right now, it's a near miss. But I really want to read the book; what a hell of a story.


THE HUNTED (***1/2)
The only thing I love better in film than a cool heist scene is a cool chase scene, and there is a great one in this film that encompasses about a third of the movie. Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones make a great hero/villain duo, and I love the look of the film. It's nice to see William Friedkin actually make a good film; something he has not really done in a long time.

I think Michael Moore took a bigger bite than he could chew, but this is a solid documentary that at times makes a lot of interesting points. Could have done without things like the killer bees segment and the animated interlude. Also, the Charlton Heston interview was interesting, but really didn't go anywhere. Michael Moore has a brilliant mind, but in this movie I just wish he would have focused it a little better.

Man, Paul Thomas Anderson continues to amaze me. Has anyone else had there first four films turn out this brilliantly. Adam Sandler actually acts in this film, and does a hell of a job. I wish they could have delved a little deeper into Emily Watson's character; I would've liked to understand a little better why she wanted to be with Sandler. But really minor complaint in the grand scheme of things; this is a really good film.

Collin Farell does a good job here, and Al Pacino chews up some scenery very well. However, the plot is very ho-hum, the resolution at the end is predictable, and the love interest is very unnecessary and uninteresting. Some good suspense in parts though. Would probably watch it if it was on TNT or something.

I really wish I could get out to Green Hills more. I would love to see Dirty Pretty Things, and it sucks I missed Capturing the Friedmans. I'm sick of just getting to see all of this so-so Hollywood jargon. Would like to see something with some meat to it every once in awhile. At least the Fall movie season is almost here.


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