Tuesday, March 23, 2004

OK, it's been awhile since I've actually had time to write things. The new library rules, guys, are ferocious. First off, you have to have a library card--which is not a big deal, and it has actually created a lot of computer openings whereas before you might have to wait awhile...considering this, however, it would make sense that the library would give you more time than usual--but they've inserted an ACTUAL time limit, within the computer, to follow. So, you get thirty minutes. All throughout the last 10 minutes you get warnings that you have to acknowledge, taking up more time. The time limit expires, and the computer screen goes back to the login automatically. Now, it saves your information, so if you try to log back in, you MUST wait 10 minutes to do so, no matter if you are the ONLY person in the entire library or not. So, a couple of my writings may have seemed disjointed at times. Today, I'm on my dad's computer. And someday, guys, someday, I'll actually install some internet in my house. I think I've said that for two years--but it's getting closer to reality.


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