Thursday, April 22, 2004

And if they hadn't been a rain delay at the start of the game, the Braves might have won today. Apparently the hour delay at the start wasn't really needed; a bad call on the umpires part as there was just a slight drizzle. The Reds learned that the best way to avoid your bullpen getting rocked again is to not let them pitch. Thank God for the rain.

Which leads to the this bizarre fact. The Reds starters have been excellent, while the bullpen has been horrible. This simply isn't par for the course for the team, and I'm afraid the starters can't keep this up. They've forgotten that they aren't any good. 9-6 (and first place) is wonderful for now, but a lot has gone right to get us here.

There has been another disturbing trend this season; whenever I can pay attention to a game, whether through radio or TV, they invariably lose. When I am doing a great amount of work for school and can't pay attention to the diamond, they usually win. When I do pay attention, like yesterday's 10th inning debacle, they lose. When Sosa and Alou hit back to back 9th inning HRs to win at Wrigley, I'm hanging on every pitch. When Larkin gets a RBI single to win in the bottom of the ninth, I'm writting a speech for class. They have won nine games this season, and I haven't caught an inning of any one of those games. Not a one. Now that I'm done with school for the semester and have some extra time, I'm afraid of a free-fall. Superstitions ahoy! But this is baseball, and I like being a bit irrational about it sometimes.

I'm thrilled Milwaukee is that good in the AHL, and let's hope they keep developing. I want to form a good young team that we can keep around for a while, and this collective bargaining agreement might keep salaries at a point we can afford. With the lowest payroll in the league, we need everyone else to come down to our level. Anything could happen in the year ahead in hockey, for good or bad.

Hey Chris, I'm beating you 13-1 this week! Which, of course, means you'll probably win 8-7. Seems to happen a lot. Best of luck the next few days.


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