Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well, here it is guys, the beginning of an era: I am writing from my own apartment.

Tonight is an important night for the Predators. They really drummed up some momentum at home, where everyone was just wild. Now they need to win at Joe Louis Arena, where they have won twice ever. Looking at how they played in Games 1 and 2, surely a little more intensity will be able to put them over the hump.

As far as the Braves are concerned, I'm excited about Horacio Ramirez and Jaret Wright, but Ortiz and Hampton are just tanking it. Hampton kept throwing balls in the exact same spot to the Mets the other day, and while they could only muster singles for the most part, they strung them together and got a big lead. Hampton has the potential to be like Darryl Kile was after his failed Colorado stint, but he's pitching like he's still there.


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