Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I have rarely had as much fun as I am now, reading the panic (while telling the team not to panic!) at the Detroit Free Press:

I'm looking at Vokoun's stats for the past two years, and see that this year his goals against average was well down. In 2002-2003, he was 8th in the league in this category, and that on a bad team that didn't make the playoffs. This year he was 33rd. He had a rough spot towards the end of the year, and I think that must be because he played 70+ games! The Preds would not be where they are now without him. 33rd in the league or not, he deserves recognition as one of the better goalies in the game, and is showing it in this series.

Tomorrow night the dynamic changes again. I tell you all the truth - when the Preds drew the Wings, I was thrilled. I knew that the Arena is loudest when the Wings are in town, and that the place would be rocking for a playoff game against them. And the upside of a couple of wins would make us feel as high as we do now. But, at Joe Lewis, can they keep it up? Hopefully an early goal will take the crowd out of the game. The Wings need to be worried that CuJo is now in goal, which seems like a sign of panic more than anything. You really should stick with your goalie, I feel. I might try to make game 6, and hope to inform him that he sucks.


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