Thursday, May 20, 2004

In Regards to the First Shrek

I agree, Chris, that a lot of people were a little overthrilled
with the first one, including myself. When I saw it in the
theater, I laughed my ass off at all of the references and sight
gags, but then when it came on cable, and I tried to sit through
it again, I found it less appealing. One review I read called it
pure teflon; that about halfway through it starts feeling like
a giant "Mad Magazine" tribute more than anything else. I haven't seen
the second one yet, but judging from the first one, I think what
it was missing was heart; something Pixar knows how to give out
in handfuls. Not to mention the message of stick with your own kind
comes out more on a second viewing, and whether or not this is what
Dreamworks intended, it's rather creepy. The first one has genuine
laughs, but like many recent comedies (There's Something About Mary,
the Austin Powers films, etc.) you laugh a lot the first time through,
and the second time you're thinking, "Did I actually say I loved this
film?" I'm probably going to venture out to see the sequel this
weekend, because I'm sure it's very entertaining, but I expect from
everything I've heard, I'll only be seeing it once.


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