Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hey, I'm here, just haven't been able to spend more than a few minutes at an internet site. But keep posting - I'm looking at it.

I saw that DAY AFTER TOMORROW movie a couple of weeks ago. What a piece of crap. You may have noticed through the years that I am not impressed by big graphics anymore, as I want characters, plot, acting. This movie failed in those regards. The worst part was the LA sequence. Those massive huge killer storms that ripped through LA (complete with LA weatherman cliche!), with obvious computer generated graphics (obvious in that they didn't look real, even though you knew they weren't). And people running out into it. Did you see those twisters!!! I remember the ones that hit downtown Nashville, and they weren't nearly that distructive. Nobody in their right mind would be out in that. And then, there is a high level meeting afterwards where everybody is perfectly calm! Let's discuss this tragedy of Biblical proportions like it's a janitor's strike! The movie blew it right there, and never got me back. (oh yes, later on, when the massive freeze came to the NYC library, why didn't the windows break like they did everywhere else? Just no logic in this movie) I did like the scene where the water rushed into downtown NYC. The only good part I remember.


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