Tuesday, December 28, 2004


-There is snow everywhere in Louisville. My parking lot at home has 3-4 huge piles of snow taller than SUVs. The roads have two foot high piles on the sides of them. Sometimes on the interstate suddenly a lane will be blocked because it hasn't been cleared yet. It's more snow than this southern boy has ever seen.

-It seems that some of the massive death caused by the tsunami could have been avoided if there had been a cheap early warning device. But, there wasn't. Sri Lanka, for example, knew the wave was coming for 3-4 hours, but could do nothing. Humans usually wait until disaster to change, and this is another case of that. On the bright side, someone I knew from high school was in Thailand and staying on the beach, but had traveled half a day away from the site. Thank God.

-Not only does my old high school have a hockey team, but it also has a bowling team now. What tha? And it looks like they aren't bad.

-Did anyone else see the Eagles not even try last night? This is why I don't like week 17 to be the finals of fantasy football - and even helps to explain why I don't like the playoff system in fantasy either. Next week, the big final week of fantasy, McNabb, Vick, and Rothleisberger (sp?) likely won't be playing - and that's just the start. Any team that has their playoff position locked really doesn't want to risk losing their star player(s), and I don't blame them. Suddenly your fantasy team has to go with Bulger or somebody for their QB, and is scrambling for some other positions. And that's when the coach is nice enough to say who will be sitting for the game. When they don't, you can really be screwed.

-Anybody know a good way to convert MP3 files to text? Or even a bad way? Because that could make my job a lot easier...

-Avert your eyes, Predator fans. This is the worst thing ever - and I'm not exaggerating that much. Nashville Predator fan fiction. And it's not G rated. NOT suitable for work.


At 1/07/2005 08:23:00 AM, Blogger Anon said...

oh my god.
(to the Predators site)
I even clicked on it at work and then thought--- OOPS!
Interesting-- uh -- Poor Legwand.


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